Are you looking for an internship opportunity?

Are you a pre-doctoral or post-doctoral student looking to accrue Supervised Professional Experience (SPE) hours towards licensure as a psychologist? Look no further, we have an excellent opportunity for you!

We specialize in evaluation and diagnostics – also known as psychodiagnostics – to diagnose and clarify concerns regarding behavior, personality traits, mood, emotional functioning and cognitive processes. We serve a diverse population with a range of diagnoses including autism spectrum disorder (ASD), developmental or learning delays or disabilities, memory and concentration difficulties, or gifted / talented proclivities. Our testing is appropriate for individuals of all ages. Once completed, findings are used to develop personalized treatment strategies and interventions for clients.

Internship duties can include:

  • Literature review related to ASD and related developmental disorders.
  • Literature review related to diagnostic and assessment administration.
  • Conducting risk management procedures for potential abuse.
  • Evaluating for suicide ideation or suicide risk.
  • Selection of psychological measurement tools.
  • Administration of semi-structured interview measures, including clinical interviews, and presenting concerns/issues.
  • Administration of screening for ASD and related disorders.
  • Administration of various psychological and diagnostic measurements.
  • Scoring interpretation of data measurements and presentation of assessment findings.
  • Writing psychological reports (screenings; diagnostic psychological assessments; comprehensive psychological diagnostic assessments) which include presenting concerns/issues, clinical interview and background information, behavior observation, evaluation results and interpretation, diagnosis, referrals for further assessment and treatment recommendations.
  • Conducting feedback sessions with patients and or with patients and their legal caregivers (if under 18 years of age and or if patient is conserved).
  • Performing quality assurance measures, conducting program evaluation and assisting in program development in the identified areas of need.
  • Developing function-based, skill area deficit treatment and intervention plans.
  • Providing direct services which include caregiver support and education; individual, family and group therapy; case management; multidisciplinary teamwork; and crisis intervention.
  • Participate and develop in-service trainings for agency staff.
  • Participate in the development and presentations for community contributions, including presentation in forums for parents, educators, professionals and other related service providers in the community.
  • Contribute to the field of neurodevelopmental and mental health disorders, including presentation at professional conferences or contributing to applied research in the field.
  • Participate in the development and in the writing of grant for agency programs.

Internship program will include:

Direct/indirect Services – A minimum of 25% of the intern’s time is in face-to-face psychological services with patients/clients.

Didactic Activities – At least two hours a week in didactic activities such as case conferences, seminars, in-service training, or grand rounds.

Supervision – Planned, structured and administered sequence of professionally supervised comprehensive training experiences. Training will be accomplished through socialization, mentoring, and supervisory and consultative guidance.

Supervision will be provided by the designated licensed psychologist and include a minimum of 1 hour of supervision for every 10 hours of service, or 10% of the total time worked each week. Supervision will include both individual one-to-one and group supervision provided by the primary supervisor, as well as further contact as needed via email, phone and video electronics.