Message From Our CEO


Exceptional Care – Across the Entire Lifespan

Our vision is to be the leading provider of compassionate, comprehensive behavioral and mental healthcare for life. And day-by-day we’re making that statement a reality. We continue to build a stronger, more sustainable organization and introduce a variety of behavioral and mental health clinical services and therapies, to better service our client/patient population. Our people are the reason for our success. We employ, and continue to find, the best and brightest talent in the industry.

I’m excited about our future, and our unique ability to provide the highest quality care for those special kids, teens, adults, elders, and families that have entrusted their care to our organization. We have adopted and embraced the commitment that no matter the age or severity of our patients and clients, we will be in a unique position to provide support through our coordinated care model.

We want to be your trusted provider for behavioral and mental health. My role as Executive Chairman & CEO is to ensure we continue to build the greatest behavioral and mental health delivery organization in America.

We will achieve these goals thanks to the wonderful folks that make up 360 Behavioral Health. On behalf of our thousands of caregivers and support teams, it is a privilege and honor to serve you. Please continue to visit our website and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter – we’ll continue to provide you exciting news as we build out our additional services and locations in 2019 and beyond!

Dennis Kogod

Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer