image of Kesjana Cake

Kesjana Cake, Psy.D., LCP

Executive Director

Dr. Kesjana Cake is a licensed clinical psychologist (LCP) who has committed her career to understanding and supporting the human brain, psyche and soul. Her training in neuropsychology and psychotherapy enable her to conduct psycho-diagnostic evaluations for a myriad of disorders. Her training also allows her to use her knowledge about brain functions in her therapy sessions with her clients. This knowledge helps to better explain what may be contributing to symptoms that are significant to the client and for which the client is seeking relief.

Dr. Cake’s therapeutic approach is grounded in the idea that psychotherapy is not about “quick fixes” but rather a beautifully complex process of personal growth and a commitment to one’s self to live to the highest potential. Her passion is to assist others in realizing their hopes and dreams and uncovering their strengths. Dr. Cake’s approach is eclectic, with an emphasis on the relationship she establishes with her clients as the vehicle that will bring about positive change. Dr. Cake finds inspiration in her clients’ abilities to navigate through the stressors of life and is honored to be offered the privilege of providing a safe and supportive environment where her clients explore their paths to living an authentic and fulfilling life.

Throughout her academic and professional career, Dr. Cake has worked with a variety of age groups in various settings ranging from medical hospital, psychiatric hospital, private practice and agencies specializing in the treatment of children with developmental disorders. In the past six years, Dr. Cake has dedicated her clinical and research efforts in working with families of children diagnosed with autism and/or related disorders. More specifically, her efforts have focused on the psycho-diagnostic assessment process and the impact the diagnosis has on the family unit.

As the executive director at Willowbrooks Behavioral Health, Dr. Cake oversees the psycho-diagnostic and psychotherapy activities, as well as all other clinical services. She works closely with the clinical teams in providing confidential and meaningful support to their clients.